142. Life iz gud

October 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

Here are some reasons why life is good today:

1.  I have some furniture now!  A beautiful/comfortable/spacious sectional sofa I got for a sweet deal, a dining table that is slowly turning into a work table, and a chaiiirrrr!!  …I still don’t have a bed, but that’s okay.  Sleeping on the floor serves as a good reminder for me to not get too comfortable with life *^^*

2.  Lunch with two college friends + a new friend who were in the area this weekend!  After a week of posting on online forums (yes, I’m the type of person who does that -.-;;)  and visiting the grocery store for pathetic attempts at socializing (from which I’ve learned that either (1) people who work in grocery stores do not like small talk, or (2) I suck at small talking to grocery store employees), it felt nice to talk to real human beings with shared connection <3

3.  Got my car washed and gave the people a nice tip and they were happy about that so that me happy too

4.  Heard my brother is being almost stupidly persistent, but I really respect that and am inspired because he’s a lot more brave and persistent than I ever was/am

5.  Yesterday I went on an organized hike led by a super-super-fit-old-man and we climbed/”scrambled” so many rocks so I felt like a squirrel and I took a nap on a warm rock which almost made me feel like a cat so it was all fun because sometimes pretending like you’re an animal reminds you that you essentially are an animal and that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously all the time.

6.  First day of work tomorrow!  I’m a bit nervous because I want to make a good first impression to my new manager, but I may or may not have semi-ruined that already with a wordy email about being nervous.  I sent that email a week ago.  He still hasn’t responded so…good job Song-I, good job.  :D


Ciao bellas and edwards!


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