145. Gratitude and wtf

November 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Thankful for:

1.  Air

2. A healthy body

3. Sushi for lunch

4. Music to keep me going

5. Conversations and books that keep me flowing.

* * * * *

I’m joining my boss’ boss’ boss for Thanksgiving dinner.  I’m feeling a bit intimidated but I figure it’ll be better than eating a turkey sandwich by myself tonight.

Also, there is a social gathering tonight that involves a beer pong tournament in a bar.  Again, this is outside my comfort zone.  But it seems to me that in order to succeed in the non-academic world, being reclusive is not ideal.  Actually, you know what, only a few of the lessons taught in the classroom seem to be directly translatable to the world at large.  Why didn’t someone tell me that managing interpersonal skills and knowing how to ‘live it up’ and be all fun and social are really important aspects of life?!?!?

They should offer a course in college called “Social Skills 101.”  It would cover topics like approachability, lightheartedness, being ‘fun’ and ‘cool’, and the ability to speak without a Powerpoint presentation or note cards.  That would’ve been GREAT.

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!



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