146. the last post / title: byebye bloggy :)

December 10, 2011 § 5 Comments

I’ve been meaning to do this sooner and had plans to write this elaborately all-encompassing piece to finish out this amazing chapter of my life, but it kinda hasn’t worked out.

I’m not a fan of saying goodbye because ‘goodbye’ has a sense of finality that doesn’t really exist in the real world.  A goodbye isn’t really necessary because we’re on a continuous stream of life function and form so the finality of goodbye is mythical.  If you think about it, the seeming finality will eventually lend itself to a means of fading and blending into the the next phase of your life in which all the pieces build upon themselves within you.  You never really leave anything, anyone, or any moment behind.  I think a more appropriate phrase instead of ‘goodbye’ would be the following excerpt from a past post:

‘I’ve realized that the experiences you open yourself to shape your being.  I feel myself becoming a slightly different person with every positive experience I foster and negative experience I learn from.  Each person you meet, each experience you cultivate, molds you like the finger swipes of a skilled potter. Keep these with you, remember them, and carry them with you into the future.’

Thank you guys.


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