I have no job.  I live with my parents. My life path is unclear.

After graduating college last year I realized something: I have no passion for life anymore.  No passion for anything really.  After eighteen years as an overachieving study machine, I was burnt out and could not see a bright future going straight into a 9-5 or graduate school.

To rediscover a passion for life and revitalize myself before jumping into the world of “real” adulthood, I decided to do things differently.  I’m “following my heart” as they say and spending my time doing things I’ve been too scared to do (like public speaking), things that I’ve really wanted to do (like traveling), and things that “I had no time for” in the past (like meaningful relationships with family, friends, and boys).

Thus far…

  • May 2010: Graduate from college.  Not motivated/confident enough to find a decent job so decide to “soul search” and reassess life. (Just in case you are curious, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minors in Fine Arts and Psychology.)
  • June 2010: Recoup in Los Angeles.
  • July/Aug 2010: Director of Educational Affairs + Volunteer for medical clinics with Pratit International in Kolkata, India
  • Aug/Sept 2010: Weeklong yoga camp at the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India
  • Sept 2010 – March 2011: Korea: Family duty + Toastmasters + pretend like I’m looking for jobs [tooting my own horn: my photo and writing was published in the New York Times in September! …But then I got rejected for another job so the world balances out]
  • March – April 2011: Monthlong yoga teacher training course in Thailand + travel for a week
  • April – July 2011: Back to Korea to seriously conduct a “job search” instead of pretending to do so as I have been for the past year.  Let’s see who is crazy (or clever) enough to hire me.  Wish me luck!  (update 6/13/11:  I’m also teaching some English to Korean kiddies!)
  • August 2011: Two-week trip to Taiwan to travel and live in a monastery.
  • Aug – Oct 2011: Back to the States!  Apply for jobs/Interviews/wait/negotiate/wait some more…
  • Current:  Hired!  Relocated to Las Vegas and inching towards “adulthood”  :)
* * * * *
Join me on my prolonged transition into adulthood.  Sometimes I’m interesting, sometimes I ramble on about nothing.  Sometimes I take pretty pictures, sometimes I don’t.  Most times I’m self-absorbed and sometimes I focus on the external world and interesting things happen.
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