112. The food you eat

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chocolate cake


Brussel sprout

Shrimp tail

Table salt

Check out more amazing images in larger size at carenalpertfineart.com


104. haiku partu.

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want a bucket full

of ice to dissipate this

brain crushing pressure


teaching young children

makes me want to vomit when

they scream so loudly


hiking with stranger:

he stops i stop i go he

goes. no words exchanged.


devoured a book

as if my life depended

on words on pages


boarding a plane soon.

familiarity you

are foreign to me.


Dear immune response,

what you do is important

but it feels like shit


Dear Facebook people,

who are you and why do you

friend me?  Have we met?


sometimes i think a

bout oxygen and there is

no way we are real


deep and wide. be a

big bowl she says to me but

i dont understand


sometimes we know more

than we can put into words.

so please stop. just go.


these haiku are not

as good as my previous

batch. blah blah blah blah.

Self-portrait by Egon Schiele. source: internet

Self-portrait by Egon Schiele. source: internet

103. Powerful.

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I’d love to see a version featuring brains.

I love brains.

I love hearts.

I love livers and kidneys and gall bladders and intestines too.  But I don’t really know what our gall bladders do.  But I’m pretty sure they do something important.

Sometimes I can’t believe that the physical manifestations of ourselves really exist.  Life truly is a miracle.  Call it evolution, call it god, call it life-force-universal-energy, I don’t care.  We are amazing creatures.

94. wow.

May 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

Breathtakingly beautiful.  Heart-wrenchingly tragically beautiful.  Just finished it and laid in bed for a while, frozen between heartbreak and ecstasy.

Highly recommended 


Enjoy your weekend – soak up the air and relax yourselves.  Off I am to the southern tip of Southern Korea.

91. i literally cannot stop watching this video

May 19, 2011 § 7 Comments

I don’t know why, but I’ve been quite sensitive to visual imagery these days.  My latest fascination is Synesthesia, a short film directed by Terri Timley not too long ago:

The film cleverly attempts to expose the inner experiences of people with synesthesia, a neurological syndrome in which the senses merge with one another.  For example, in synesthetic individuals, the activation of a visual pathway will also activate the auditory signals so that one may “hear” the color blue as distinct from “hearing” the color yellow.  There are many fascinating varieties of synesthesia — some individuals automatically have a color association to a given letter or number, some will hear different sounds depending on the movements they see, and some “feel the personalities” of different days of the week.  Amazing isn’t it?!?

Gosh.  Why do drugs exist?  All we need is fascinating art combined with our fascinating brains.


Dear friends and acquaintances and nonexistent lovers, enjoy your day.  Breathe in good air and smile!  :)

90. let us mess our minds

May 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Excuse my language, but those images mindfuck me to the core.

Daehyun Kim (also known as Moonassi), a Seoul-based artist with a background in oriental art, conveys poignant portrayals of our fundamentally solitary minds.  They resonate with disturbing honesty.

Upon first laying my eyes on these drawings something odd happened — a wave of impact forced my head back and I felt a rush of energy flowing from my head, through my neck, shoulders, upper arms…all the way to each fingertip.

I’ve never reacted so strongly (and consciously) to art before.

Imagine someone out there had peered into the confines of your mind. Or no. It’s the other way around. You are peering into the confines of another’s mind. And it is both scary and exciting because you realize that the artist’s confines mirror your own.  You almost feel exposed.

Kind thanks to the artist for allowing me to share and Claudia at the science of design for the reference.  More thought-provoking images can be found at moonassi.com.


This is quite a shift from happy Asian babies isn’t it?  Ah well, we can all use a little mind perplexion every once in a while.  Hope all of you are doing well — enjoy your day!

78. fascinating food for thought

April 27, 2011 § 7 Comments

James Reynolds, a London-based artist, photographed a series of former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meals before their execution.

Images copyright 2009 James Reynolds [www.jamesreynolds.co.uk]

What an intriguing concept (not to mention the appropriately sterile yet profound visual style). I wonder what variables these now-deceased prisoners’ thought about as they requested their last meal. Taste? Texture? Past memories associated with the food? Nutritious value?

At this point in my life, I think I’d request the following: Trader Joe’s red bell pepper hummus, fresh carrot sticks, and a spicy tuna roll with ginger on the side. And a cup of hot tea. Oh, and an orange (or a grapefruit).  And Jack-in-the-Box’s curly fries (with ketchup).

What would you request? (And why?)


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