128. Cannot. Fall. Asleep. (a.k.a Job Search Progress Report)

September 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

So.  It’s way past my bedtime but I. am. restless.

This morning, I was officially notified that I will be flown out in a couple of days for a 4-8 hour onsite interview at the company headquarters.  From what I hear, the day will consist of a company tour and a series of interviews with multiple people from various departments.  To add on to that, if, at anytime during the process, someone doesn’t like you or they decide you aren’t a fit for the company, they’ll just up and tell you to leave.

And then that’s it.  This arduous (yet amusingly enjoyable) process of researching + cover letter video making + cover letter writing + resume renovating + questionnaire filling + interviewings at different corners of the world + online testing will come to a total halt and I’ll be at ground zero.

I think the shock of that realization is getting to me.

I’ve been in a funk all day and now I cannot fall asleep – and trust me, I’ve definitely tried to remedy my predicament with various methods of relaxation.  I ate a big hearty dinner and drank wine to calm my nerves and induce food coma but that just made me feel full and bloated.  I went to the gym to tire myself out but that backfired because I ended up reenergizing myself.  I tried to bore myself to sleep by taking personality tests and watching MTV yet I’m still awake.  I daydreamed about knights in shining armor (or, in my case, matte-toned skin with articulate expression) but that just highlighted my lack of a knight and got me depressed.  Even yoga didn’t have its usual calming effect.  And now, here I am, on the blog, posting some pictures of stuff and a puppy dog.

I. Stuff in cubbies

II. Puppy dog (which is actually misleading because this puppy dog is super old)

Say hi to Boo and check out his own blog here.

* * * * *

Le sigh.  I wish for such sound sleep as puppy pictured above.

Ooh lala so many alliterations in that last sentence!


Good night, internet world.  I’m going to crawl into bed and stare at the ceiling  :)

* * * * *


114. Dear babies: stop it.

July 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

This is what happens when your students play a competitive game with a box of cookies on the line:

I wonder why we bite our nails when we are nervous.  Is it a culturally learned emotional signal or is there something inherent about applying pressure from our teeth to our fingernails that induces some sort of soothing effect?  Does it induce a soothing effect at all?

109. Hello babies

July 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

I haven’t been taking too many images these days — I’m trying to enjoy my moments rather than constantly observing and documenting them…it actually works!

…but that means I have less stuff to post here and show you guys ^^

This is my last week of teaching so I managed to snap a couple of my students.  Here are three particularly memorable ones:

This is Nelly, a cutie patootie little newcomer:

This is John, another newcomer.  I think he has slight autism.  He lacks complete motor control of his lower jaw and is very precise with his work and has trouble understanding social norms.

lol take 1:

take 2:

Here is Dennis, who is in love with Nelly.  He’s missing his two front teeth, has a huge smile everyday, and gives me snacks once in a while:

In the same class, there are three more students (who I didn’t post images of because the quality was compromised):

  1. A boy named Jerry who is super bossy and wants to be in charge and likes ridiculing  the other students when they don’t know something (not cool!)
  2. A girl named Sury who is a perfectionist.  Yesterday, when I asked her for her homework, she hung her head down low and refused to say anything or hand over her papers.  After much coercing and asking her to tell me what was wrong, she laboriously looks up at me with teary eyes and says to me, “I didn’t answer one of the questions.”  Wow.  She (or her mother) must put a lot of pressure on herself to become that miserable about one question.  She actually had a really good answer in mind, but was so conflicted because her answer didn’t necessarily coincide with what we learned in class.  I spent the whole class trying to make her feel better by praising her answers and paying extra attention to her throughout class.  I think it worked.  I’m not sure though because she doesn’t smile much.
  3. A boy named Andy who is a pretty normal semi-good semi-troublemaking kid.
* * * * *

88. more asian babies

May 12, 2011 § 5 Comments

You guys seem to like Asian babies.  And rightly so, because who doesn’t?

Here is another one.  He seems a bit perplexed about life.  His face is how I feel all the time:

And here is the return of fashionista baby (previously featured here).  Poor thing, there was a lot of dust in the park…


Lol. Wouldn’t it be funny if us ‘grownups’ completely grabbed our faces every time we sneezed?

Happy almost-weekend!

87. the finish line

May 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

…lol.  People are funny aren’t they?


Sighs.  Thanks for reading guys.  I felt depressed tonight and ended up eating cereal.  And then taking a nighttime walk.  And then staring at stuffed animals.  And now I find myself updating the blog.

I guess those are the four things I turn to for comfort: eating, walking/exercise, stuffed animals, and communicating to you.  For some reason, tonight more than others, it makes me feel nice to know someone out there looks at/reads this collection of thoughts&pictures.

Yay.  Thanks guys.  I appreciate you.

Have a happy Tuesday :)

85. asian baby

May 9, 2011 § 8 Comments

This ambitious little creature stuffed its cheeks with cherry tomatoes. I grabbed my camera and told him to smile and this is what happened:
Baby doesn’t seem to have enough muscular control over his left face yet.  At least the right side is coming along — you can do it baby hwaiting/jia you/woot!

84. Dear (teenage) boys, sometimes I don’t understand you

May 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Why do you people voluntarily put yourselves in such positions?

p.s. check out the facial expressions and limb positions in each photo. quite interesting.

Happy Monday friends and lovers.  Wish you all the best.

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