146. the last post / title: byebye bloggy :)

December 10, 2011 § 5 Comments

I’ve been meaning to do this sooner and had plans to write this elaborately all-encompassing piece to finish out this amazing chapter of my life, but it kinda hasn’t worked out.

I’m not a fan of saying goodbye because ‘goodbye’ has a sense of finality that doesn’t really exist in the real world.  A goodbye isn’t really necessary because we’re on a continuous stream of life function and form so the finality of goodbye is mythical.  If you think about it, the seeming finality will eventually lend itself to a means of fading and blending into the the next phase of your life in which all the pieces build upon themselves within you.  You never really leave anything, anyone, or any moment behind.  I think a more appropriate phrase instead of ‘goodbye’ would be the following excerpt from a past post:

‘I’ve realized that the experiences you open yourself to shape your being.  I feel myself becoming a slightly different person with every positive experience I foster and negative experience I learn from.  Each person you meet, each experience you cultivate, molds you like the finger swipes of a skilled potter. Keep these with you, remember them, and carry them with you into the future.’

Thank you guys.


145. Gratitude and wtf

November 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Thankful for:

1.  Air

2. A healthy body

3. Sushi for lunch

4. Music to keep me going

5. Conversations and books that keep me flowing.

* * * * *

I’m joining my boss’ boss’ boss for Thanksgiving dinner.  I’m feeling a bit intimidated but I figure it’ll be better than eating a turkey sandwich by myself tonight.

Also, there is a social gathering tonight that involves a beer pong tournament in a bar.  Again, this is outside my comfort zone.  But it seems to me that in order to succeed in the non-academic world, being reclusive is not ideal.  Actually, you know what, only a few of the lessons taught in the classroom seem to be directly translatable to the world at large.  Why didn’t someone tell me that managing interpersonal skills and knowing how to ‘live it up’ and be all fun and social are really important aspects of life?!?!?

They should offer a course in college called “Social Skills 101.”  It would cover topics like approachability, lightheartedness, being ‘fun’ and ‘cool’, and the ability to speak without a Powerpoint presentation or note cards.  That would’ve been GREAT.

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!


144. The joys of walking into an empty home

November 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

That title is intentionally misleading because there is no joy about walking into an empty home.

The only remnants you see are the results of your own existence.

There is no other sign of life aside from the colony of ants you demolished last week.

In other news, I got an iPhone.  White.  I have to admit it is quite nicely designed.  Though it takes me ten minutes to text message people because I’ve been using a flip-phone this whole time…quite a drastic change.  Never in my life have my thumbs felt so awkward and clueless.

Happy Monday :)

143. Wow, it’s been a while.

November 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Jeesh.  It’s been two weeks since my last post!! TWO WEEKS! That’s a lot of time to pass by without writing to you.

I’m currently a bit torn about this blog situation.  It is outdated, the title no longer applies, I have less and less time to update, yet letting this blog go is akin to sending your firstborn child off to college.  It’s inevitable, it’s been a long time coming, but you gotta suck it up and say goodbye.

…I’ll do it soon, but sometime in the near future.  Not quite ready to part ways yet :)

So, I’m going to be completely honest and pre-warn you that this will be a pretty shallow entry.  Deep-thinking-energy is currently being consumed at work and that leaves you with surface-level-thinking posts.  So off we go with random updates!

* * * * *

1. I’ve been carrying on a long and drawn-out war with an ant colony occupying my kitchen.  At first, it was just a couple of ants here and there and I figured they need to eat and stay alive just like any other creature so I let it go.  But my leniency and altruism has been pushed to its boundaries because this morning there were piles and piles of them all over my garbage and kitchen floor.  It was disgusting and the sight of it made me nauseous.  I stepped around the ants to my fridge so I can get some breakfast but the thought of preparing food in the midst of a sea of ants had me gaggin and running out the door.  No more ant-altruism for me.  Time to bring the Raid on.

Eeeeeewwwww.  This is a picture from the internet but this is basically what my kitchen looked like this morning. 

2.  The couple living above me have sex all the time.  Like, ALL THE TIME.  In the morning, in the night, during Sunday brunch, during Saturday brunch, during Monday brunch…you get the point.  DON’T THEY EVER GET TIRED OF EACH OTHER?!?!  Le sigh.  As an aural witness to their lovemaking, I can report that while they don’t vocalize much groaning & moaning, but they definitely are quite enthusiastic about their bodies slapping against one another in oddly rhythmical moments for prolonged periods of time.  …and then after 5 minutes of silence starting all over again.  nice.

3.  Speaking of sex, I read my first harlequin romance novel.  Of course, I pick up the one in which the main character is a nerdy girl with n00b tendencies and she gets her feet swept away by some hunky chunky alpha-male figure…so, all in all, I highly enjoyed it HAHA.  Though I don’t see myself reading these on a regular basis, they are highly valuable once-every-blue-moon spoiler-reads lol.

My first Harlequin romance novel!  Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl.  Short and sweet, steamy and cheesy at times, but all in all a decent read for those days when you don’t want to think too much and just indulge.

4.  I LOVE this product:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (image via spoiledpretty.blogspot.com).  Works wonders.

5. WORK!  JOB!  Um…gosh.  I know some of you guys are curious and want detailed updates but I really don’t even know where to begin.  So much learning, so much exposure, so many new experiences.  So much to soak in I don’t think my brain is even close to processing it all.  To make my life easier, I’m going to try to cover all my bases in seven statments:

  1. Working at Zappos is sometimes a sh*tshow.
  2. Office-based interpersonal social skill is a delicate instrument that one must master with delicate fingers, hyperaware mindfulness, and an impeccable sense of balance; this is very difficult for me because reading people is an underdeveloped skill of mine.
  3. Every time I see the CEO I want to say hi but I flip the eff out.
  4. Sometimes the work I do involves glazed-eye repetition, sometimes the work I do is creative and engaging.  Yay for balance.
  5. It hasn’t even been two weeks yet I feel like I’ve been here at least two months.
  6. Making ‘friends’ is still a slowwww process, but I can tell I work with very competent and knowledgable co-workers, mentors, and managers – it’s nice to be surrounded by such presence.
  7. Heheheheheheh :)


6.  Last but not least, I’ll be running my first half-marathon in a couple of weeks!!  Eeek!  Super nervous, but it’s going to be awesome – the running course takes place on the Las Vegas strip during nighttime!  That means flashing lights and architecture everywhere while the streets of Vegas are completely empty except for runners…and not to mention all the rock bands that will be playing every couple of miles.  I am so excited I would call this an occasion to use the word “stoked.”  :)

  * * * * *
That is all.  I hope all of you out there are happy and well.  Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your days and nights.  Smile lots, breathe lots, smile to those around you, take some time to help, and spread love.



142. Life iz gud

October 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

Here are some reasons why life is good today:

1.  I have some furniture now!  A beautiful/comfortable/spacious sectional sofa I got for a sweet deal, a dining table that is slowly turning into a work table, and a chaiiirrrr!!  …I still don’t have a bed, but that’s okay.  Sleeping on the floor serves as a good reminder for me to not get too comfortable with life *^^*

2.  Lunch with two college friends + a new friend who were in the area this weekend!  After a week of posting on online forums (yes, I’m the type of person who does that -.-;;)  and visiting the grocery store for pathetic attempts at socializing (from which I’ve learned that either (1) people who work in grocery stores do not like small talk, or (2) I suck at small talking to grocery store employees), it felt nice to talk to real human beings with shared connection <3

3.  Got my car washed and gave the people a nice tip and they were happy about that so that me happy too

4.  Heard my brother is being almost stupidly persistent, but I really respect that and am inspired because he’s a lot more brave and persistent than I ever was/am

5.  Yesterday I went on an organized hike led by a super-super-fit-old-man and we climbed/”scrambled” so many rocks so I felt like a squirrel and I took a nap on a warm rock which almost made me feel like a cat so it was all fun because sometimes pretending like you’re an animal reminds you that you essentially are an animal and that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously all the time.

6.  First day of work tomorrow!  I’m a bit nervous because I want to make a good first impression to my new manager, but I may or may not have semi-ruined that already with a wordy email about being nervous.  I sent that email a week ago.  He still hasn’t responded so…good job Song-I, good job.  :D


Ciao bellas and edwards!


141. hahahaahahahahahahaha

October 28, 2011 § 3 Comments

So, I adore positive attitudes and inspirational quotes (I have subscriptions to quote blogs, books filled with inspirational quotes, and maintain lists of them on paper and on laptop)…but these UN-inspiring posters made me actually lol in the middle of the bookstore.  Enjoy!


And this last one seemed highly appropriate :)

All images from www.despair.com

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.  And to those who don’t, have a good time boycotting Halloween :)


140. Dear Song-I, what the eff are you doing with your life?!?

October 23, 2011 § 6 Comments

Okay, so. I’ve moved into my new apartment a couple days ago and it is very empty and lonely.  I have a lot of cupboards but nothing to put inside.  Rooms but no furniture.  No internet (I currently live at the local Whole Foods for internet).  And now…no money.  COOL.  But my currently empty life is not what this post is about (and PS, don’t worry too much, my life is not that empty.  I’m just being dramatic.  I have electricity, heat, plenty of frozen dinners, and I recently purchased a fork).

Oh, but before I get to my actual post, here is a picture of my current living situation:

My current dining table. Oh the joys of being young, fabulous, and resourceful.  Upside-down cardboard moving box covered with an old sweater as a tablecloth.  I be keepin’ it real & classy.


I don’t have much but I have plenty of (sparkling) water!

…and snacks!  And of course, friendly company in the form of Pokemon and Beanie Babies.

Anyways.  Onto what my post is really about.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you people and apparently my vagueness doesn’t help to get all up-and-personal.  But people, please understand that sometimes my vagueness isn’t an attempt to be mysterious and keep you at a distance – sometimes, I’m vague because I have no idea what is going on either.  

One particular question I’ve been getting asked often these days is something along the lines of Song-I, what the eff are you doing with your life?!?

Okay, no one’s actually been that sassy with me – you guys are actually very polite and respectful.  The questions are more along the lines of, Song-I, what company will you work for?  What will you be doing there?  What is your job title?  I just like adding profanity sometimes because it makes me seem EDGY and gets the main point across.

According to Google Images, this is what you need to be edgy.  Upon reconsideration, I don’t think I can pull it off.

* * * * *

Let’s do this one at a time.

1.  Song-I, what company will you work for?

Come next week, I will be a full-time Zappos.com employee.  Zappos.com is an online retailer whose competitive edge is their exceptional customer service and mission to deliver happiness.  The CEO, Tony Hsieh, is one of those young online genius entrepreneurs and his business philosophy is what drew me to the company.  His stance on business practices and company culture is quite in line with my personal ideology.  You can read more about his story and company in his book Delivering Happiness (no, I’m not getting paid to advertise or whatnot.  These are my personal opinions and I am in no way shape or form accepting a bribe).

2. What will you be doing there?  

It seems that I will be doing a variety of tasks.

One of my foremost tasks will be website design maintenance and updates using an online platform called Drupal (think of Drupal as an upgraded version of WordPress, which is what you’re using to read this blog).  I’ll also be contributing to the website’s style guide to ensure that Zappos.com has a cohesive aesthetic across the board as the company continues to expand into new ventures.  [For those of you who are interested, key words and concepts that I’ll be working with include Usability, User Experience, Interface Design, and some Information Architecture.]

Other tasks will include (1) being a translator between the hardcore techies (software developers) and the hardcore fashionistas (merchandisers) while keeping the needs of the bottom line in the back of my mind, (2) assist management with stuff (aka coffee fetcher?), (3) other stuff, (4) more stuff, and, most importantly, (5) be an enthusiastic and passionate and hardworking and all-around awesome person to work with.  That last one will probably prove to be the most difficult because sometimes I like to ignore people lol.

3.  What is your job title?

I forgot.




…Don’t tell my boss.  -.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

It’s because they recently changed it!!!  -.-;;   …and when I was talking to my future leader-person I was really nervous and scatterbrained so I didn’t hear it clearly and then the moment passed for me to ask him what it was again because I didn’t want to appear stupid.  Soooo…now I don’t know what my new job title is and as a result look stupid to all of you guys.  But that’s okay because you guys aren’t my bosses so I don’t have to impress you or something mwahahahahahaha.

…But seriously though, (1) I care a lot about your opinions and input so I hope you don’t think I’m stupid and (2) the original position I applied for was titled ‘Site Experience Coordinator‘ and now it is…something along those lines.  I think the word “merchandiser” was in there somewhere.  Email me in a week if you have a giant itch-in-the-pants-need to know.

* * * * *

So, nosy people, I hope your curiosity has been satiated.  Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers – sometimes I act obnoxious and that’s usually when I’m feeling the most insecure so I appreciate your time and interest :)

Jia you!!  (to my non-Chinese/Taiwanese friends, that literally translates ‘get gas!’ but indicates a sense of the American-English ‘You can do it!’/the military ‘Hoorah!’/the Korean ‘hwaiting!’/etc)

…omg.  I just re-read my post and realized I am lame because I basically just interviewed myself puhahahahaah.

Goodbye friends!  Enjoy your week, smile lots, and breathe more :)


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